Windows 8

A tale of two OneNote applications

Just at a glance I tried going with only version of the OneNote app and found a few differences summarized below which keep me using both apps as I move across devices.

OneNote 2013

(Desktop App)


(Windows Store App)

  • Optimized for keyboard, mouse and pen
  • Optimized for touch
  • It has a touch mode (not optimal use case)
  • Ink capabilities (not optimal use case)
  • Send to OneNote utility great for screenshots and sending content from other apps to OneNote on the desktop
  • Participates in the Windows Share functionality
  • Full featured client (Outlook/Excel integration)
  • Great preview pane for notes


I did not include the iOS and Android apps which I use on occasion, which may force me to add a 3rd or 4th column to the list. Each OneNote app seems to work to take advantage of the capabilities of the device (touch, pen, mouse, keyboard etc.) All the core functionality for taking, sharing consuming notes exist in each app. My experiment simply demonstrated to me in a Windows 8 environment I am generally going to find myself with both apps installed instead of being able to get away with one version of OneNote.


Bing Food and Drink App on Windows 8

Here is a quick tip for sharing your shopping list across devices on the Bing Food and Drink app for Windows 8. I did not want to carry my tablet around in the grocery store, yet I needed my shopping list from the Food and Drink app for a new dish I was making on my phone.

Windows 8 Share Charm to the rescue!
While my shopping list was open on my tablet

Share MenuI swiped from the right to bring up the Share command
Select share to OneNote
This generated a nicely formatted to do list in OneNote




Food and Drink to OneNoteOneNote is setup to sync to my phone solving the problem of getting the content for my shopping list from the Food and Drink app to my phone (and all my other devices for that matter)

Perfect solution!