Finally a rewards program that is easy and useful

Bing Rewards

I don’t need anymore reward programs that require me to carry a membership card or attach something to my key ring. Reward programs need to be easier and reward me for things I use or do on a regular basis. A program that I enjoy quite a bit is Bing rewards. It is easy and intersects with something I do all the time, and that is search the web. I search the web multiple times a day as part of my everyday professional and personal life.

A few of the Bing reward benefits include Amazon gift cards, Dominos Pizza, Burger King, iHop, Hulu subscriptions, GameStop, ProFlowers (ahem, Mothers day is coming up), Starbucks gift cards, Xbox points just to name few of the benefits that help me save money on practical to services many of us use everyday.  Just register or create a Microsoft account and search the web like you normally do (of course using and you will get points in your account. You do NOT have to buy anything or supply a credit card to participate in Bing Rewards.

Bing rewards is a non intrusive, non email spamming program that gives back rewards for things that I actually use. I don’t have to do anything special to earn points and redeem points making this a program anyone can use and benefit from!

Donate Bing RewardsMaybe you have everything you need and you are not interested in any of the partner programs offered here. There is another benefit you may be interested in donating your points to help your local school or a non profit. Bing rewards enables you to donate credits from you account to schools so they can get access to modern computers equipped with Microsoft Office for classrooms or non profit organizations like the Boys and Girls club of America and TechForAmerica. The point here is Bing makes this easy for anyone to participate without carrying membership cards, getting email spam or doing something out of your everyday routine.

There is no commitment, you are not locked into a program or a subscription program, there is no down side to at least giving this a try. I think you will find the overall experience rewarding by itself. Find out more about Bing Rewards