Salesforce + Visual Studio = Increased Customer Value

Why is the former Microsoft guy so excited about the Salesforce announcement? There is wealth of Visual Studio experience out there combined with virtual treasure chest of value locked in their Salesforce applications. This is an exciting time to create new modernized applications in the enterprise.

Visual Studio developers can now bring you real time data from enterprise systems into line of business (LOB) applications instead of building “after the fact” reports. This ability to build applications that break down data silos in the cloud provides a world of opportunity for Visual Studio developers.

In addition to being able to reach into Salesforce enabled applications the opportunity to build social enabled applications on Chatter create yet another opportunity for developers to create new business value. Granted some Visual Studio developers have caught on to building social enabled applications with Yammer, it is great news to now have access to both major platforms. Social enabled LOB applications increase employee and customer engagement allowing companies to capture real time feedback, respond quickly to change and leverage the best ideas across the organization. Building applications that enable companies to respond to the market faster places pressure on the competition instead pressure on IT to build complex data marts and integration schemes.

Salesforce launched their own platform enabling other tools and applications to access API’s at Dreamforce 13 so it is good to see the support in Visual Studio as well. I am looking forward to engaging Salesforce customers and unlocking business data in the cloud.



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